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We hear sarcastic things when someone engages in indecent or reprehensible behaviour and someone has said sarcastic things to that person to make him realise his mistakes.
Also, sarcastic things sometimes create an atmosphere of laughter, and we can’t stop laughing, so if you enjoy listening to sarcastic things, you should read the Straight Up Savage Humor Sarcasm Quotes in this article.


Savage humor sarcasm quotes

“A person who visits a liquor store may be called an alcoholic, but a person who visits the temple will never be called a saint.”
“Google is also like those women who, if you ask them one thing, they will tell them ten things by applying extra spices.”
“Those who used to call themselves lions before marriage have become wet cats after the wife enters their lives.”
“Those who claim that if you save as much money as you smoke cigarettes, you can buy a nice car are still roaming on old motorcycles.”
“Relatives and neighbours are commonly the true cause of parental reprimand.”
“People tell me that I am following in the footsteps of others, but why should I do this when I have my own feet?”
“Some such people can be found in life; if you ask them a question, they will give you knowledge of the entire world.”
“It is not necessary that everyone likes my goodness because the dog cannot digest butter.”
“If someone says, “I will give my life for your love,” then asks him to jump off the roof, all the love will vanish at once.”
“Those who speak sweetly in front of you but do evil behind your back are more dangerous than poisonous snakes.”


Humorous humor sarcasm quotes

“As monkeys always sit on beautiful trees, similarly beautiful girls marry with black langurs.”
“When a girl doesn’t call you for a long days and then one day she calls you, then understand that she has some work from you.”
“If someone gets angry with me and breaks up, I don’t get angry because if one goes, then the other will come.”
“Some people take life so seriously that it appears they will finish the entire year’s work in one day.”
“Do not get so mad at someone’s love that only his family members come to beat you.”
“The money kept with the wife is like a piggy bank into which you can put money but cannot withdraw it.”
“There is no shortage of opinion givers in this world, so what is your opinion on this?”
“No matter how much you do dieting, beauties, until you stop eating your boyfriend’s money, the weight will not be reduced.”
“If your wife does not prepare an item of your choice for dinner, understand that there will be khichdi tonight.”
“You should praise yourself because there are stupid people who will do evil to you.”


Rude sarcasm quotes

“The Chameleon is infamous for changing color, but in real life, people change colour more than chameleons.”
“It is said that the fruit of patience is sweet, but having too much patience can rot the fruit.”
“Don’t try to mess with me because I don’t have time to waste on useless people.”
“Instead of speaking behind my back, I prefer to answer directly in front of people, which is why they despise me.”
“My relatives have more expectations of me than of their own children because they know that their children are worthless.”
“No matter how hard we try to make ourselves the best, those who are jealous will undoubtedly find mistakes in that as well.”
“Those relatives who do not show their face throughout the year make ten calls on the day my exam results are released.”
“A person should be explained as much as he deserves, otherwise that person starts thinking of you as stupid.”
“Whenever I have trusted someone with my heart, that person has turned out to be a bastard.”
“Do not put so much heart into anything that when it leaves us, it hurts our hearts, whether it is an entity or a relationship.”


Relationship sarcasm quotes

“Every relationship is always beautiful, until a third person fills the bitterness in that relationship.”
“Don’t ask me about my thoughts on relationships because I’m single and always stand by the heartbroken lover.”
“No matter how much your wife argues with you, you must remain calm; if a word comes out of your mouth, understand that you are finished.”
“Often, only one person is responsible for the end of a good relationship, and that person is the mother-in-law.”
“Every woman has only one illusion; that other women are looking at her husband.”
“This is your first love, just think about it. This path is not new for me.”
“Every wife in the world has undoubtedly asked her husband a question every day, and that is what to cook for dinner today.”
“Nowadays, people find less love and more benefits in their relationships.”
“Life is great if you have a good partner in life; otherwise, everything is a shambles.”
“A relationship is only valuable if both partners understand each other; otherwise, the relationship becomes a compulsion.”


Funny sarcasm quotes

If the girl walks with an umbrella on her head, the newspapers report that “the heat has broken the record,” and if the boy falls due to the heat of the summer, the newspapers report that “the young man is under the influence of drugs.”
“Just as a lion’s prey cannot flee from him, you will be unable to flee away from your wife no matter how far you try.”
“The tongue does not have a single bone, but it has the power to break all of a person’s bones.”
“It is said that pressing the feet of a mother leads to heaven; whether it is your mother or your children’s mother, it doesn’t matter.”
“The successful man in life is the one who dares to ask his wife for money at the end of the month.”
“I like the deadlines assigned to each task, and I prefer to complete the same task on the last day of the deadline.”
“Argument with a foolish person means playing a siren in front of a buffalo.”
“Those who roar like a lion outside the house, shake their heads like a donkey in the house.”
“If you think that no one cares about your death, then do not pay the loan instalment once.”
“When I think that everything is going to be fine in my life, then I realise that the next problem is waiting for me for f***k of my life.”


Dark sarcasm quotes 

“He would laugh at others every day if there was life in the mirror.”
“The bank giving the loan is more concerned about our death than our relatives do.”
“By the time we realise there is going to be a problem in our life, mountains of problems have already risen.”
“The dark truth of some relationships is lost from our sight because we are worn blindfolded by trust.”
“Whose thinking is bad, what lesson of truth will he teach others?”
“One’s face may shine like the stars, but the heart is as dark as the darkness of the night.”
“Nobody cares about what’s going on in your life, so don’t worry about what others think of you.”
“A person may tell others the truth about his life, but there are some secrets that no one else knows about.”
“If even the mirror could speak, some people would be exposed every day.”
“It is better if some secrets are kept, otherwise if I open those secrets. Then some people will be dishonoured.”

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