Quotes on cleanliness of environment | Slogan on cleanliness

We should value cleanliness in our lives because when our surroundings are clean, our minds are happy and we feel positive every day. Cleanliness should be part of our lifestyle and we should always be aware of it. “Quotes on cleanliness of environment” is the best way to raise awareness and motivate people to keep their environment clean.

Cleanliness quotes for students

“Cleanliness is not just a school project; it is also an excellent way to develop good habits.”
“Schoolchildren should always be taught the value of cleanliness because when the environment is clean, every child remains healthy.”
“Always put the garbage in the trash can, and keep the school premises neat and clean.”
“Cleanliness is a weapon that can help us fight diseases and save our lives.”
“We must all adopt the habit of cleanliness in order to make this earth more beautiful than heaven.”
“The dream of making this earth beautiful will be realised only when every corner of the earth is clean.”
“We should also teach the children the lesson of cleanliness along with bookish knowledge so that they can make the future of the country bright in the coming times.”
“If you don’t want to get sick again and again, keep your environment clean.”
“Those who pollute the environment will suffer from millions of diseases in the future.”
“Come on, let’s make a decision, and let’s all work together to clean up the environment.”


Quotes on green and clean environment

“Please help us to clean up our environment and make this earth green and beautiful.”
“If you keep your environment clean, our nature will always be green.”
“Cleaning is our responsibility, which we have to fulfil and save this mother earth from getting dirty.”
“When the environment around us is green and clean, it appears very beautiful to show.”
“If we want clean air, we must keep the earth green, so we must maintain strict environmental cleanliness.”
“The beautiful and green earth is the gift of God given to us, so always keep it clean.”
“Greenery is the crown of the earth, so please keep it maintained and clean at all times.”
“Green mountains are always the centre of attraction, and we find peace by visiting them, so please do not despoil this beauty by throwing trash, and keep it clean.”
“Children should always be taught that the green earth is our mother, and that we must care for her and keep it clean.”


Quotes on importance of cleanliness

“The person who understands the value of cleanliness will live a happy and prosperous life.”
“Your standard is revealed not by your clothes, but by the clean environment in which you live.”
“Those who prefer to live in a clean environment should understand the importance of cleanliness.”
“The intent of cleaning is not only to keep it clean, but it also allows us to connect with nature.”
“A person who prioritises cleanliness has a pure mind.”
“If you want to be successful in life, prioritise cleanliness because good thoughts only come from a clean environment.”
“Cleanliness reveals the difference in people’s thinking; those with good thoughts take care of cleanliness, whereas those with bad thoughts spread dirt.”
“No one is called educated simply by reading books; educated people understand the importance of our environment and work to keep it clean.”
“If life is to be lived in a healthy manner, the importance of cleanliness must be understood.”
“Take dirt seriously; it spreads diseases; those who understand the value of cleanliness live a prosperous life.”


Quotes on health and cleanliness

“Cleanliness and thought are inextricably linked; where there is cleanliness, thoughts also come to a high standard.”
“Where there is cleanliness, there is good health, and where there is good health, there is happiness.”
“If you keep the environment clean, diseases will not spread and there will be no bad health.”
“Our body is our real asset, so to protect this property from diseases, we should take care of cleanliness.”
“The cleanliness of the environment gives us inner peace, and inner peace maintains our mental health.”
“Clean environments always promote positivity and good health.”
“There is only one mantra for a healthy life, and that is cleanliness.”
“Health is wealth, and cleanliness always gives good health.”
“Diseases will never come near you if you maintain your cleanliness.”
“If we maintain cleanliness, we will be healthy and able to enjoy life to the fullest.”


Short quotes on hygiene and cleanliness

“keep the environment clean, and always see beauty.”
“A clean environment is always the centre of attention.”
“If you want our environment to be green, keep your surroundings clean.”
“If you want a pollution-free future, prioritise cleanliness.”
“A clean environment is the best gift we can give to future generations.”
“Cleanliness is a major campaign to which everyone should contribute.”
“Make your environment cleaner to save money on disease treatment.”
“The country that prioritises cleanliness is the one that develops.”
“Germs are not spread anywhere if hygiene is make sure.”
“If you understand the importance of hygiene, you will always live a healthy life.”

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